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Martin Billingham is an educator, academic & stand-up comedian, specialising in the links between teaching training, performance & Educational Dialogue.

As an Educational consultant he brings together his unique experience working within education & stand-up comedy performance. With this alternative perspective he demonstrates the key links that exist between teaching and stand-up comedy, most notably - a shared need for dialogic interaction and effective communication.

  • "only the teacher and the stand-up comedian rely on the continuous interaction between themselves and the people in front of them...we require the people in front of us to also perform" (McCarron, 2007)

The result of his academic and training delivery is an ongoing practice as research project with the aim of defining the numerous links between the two disciplines, the analysis of communicative effect and impact on teaching & learning.

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Public speaking training Martin Billigham
  • what great teachers also do is mentor, stimulate, provoke, engage' (Robinson, 2013)

​Martin's long term goal is to complete a PhD Action Research project, with the aim of improving initial teacher training, the assessment of communication skills in the classroom. It is imperative that new teachers are better equipped to engage students with learning & to find a means to improve the retention of staff within the Education Industry. 

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